About Our Training


We offer a comprehensive range of training courses that complement the advice services we provide, such as: debt advice, financial capability, digital inclusion, health and wellbeing and leadership, governance and management.

We are an approved CPD accredited training centre, please read more on our web page 'CPD Accredited Training Centre' and view our certificate. We are also verified and listed on the UK Register of Learning Providers: UKPRN: 10081855. We are committed to providing quality training, please read our learner charter.

Course Content

Training Academy courses are written by our subject matter experts that are either formally qualified in the subject and/or have a minimum 10 years practical experience in the subject matter. Content is routinely checked and kept up to date by qualified course structure and content experts at the Training Academy, this is to ensure that course content is always current and not reliant on busy tutors to update. In addition to the subject matter experts, the Training Academy ensures that each course meets modern teaching methodologies that deliver the highest quality of training standards in an interesting and blended learning environment.

What is included?

All Training Academy courses include the following:

  • a professional tutor, experienced in the subject area

  • course description, outline and objectives

  • any pre-requisite requirements (such as previous experience/levels of knowledge and experience)

  • detailed course manual with further educational resources

  • relevant handouts

  • a certificate (either a CPD accredited certificate or a participant's certificate)

Courses vary in length, the duration of the training will be stated in the course description.

Our e-learning courses provide extended access to learning material si that you can work at your own pace.

Course Delivery

We offer classroom based training, e-learning or a mix of the 2 (known as blended learning or flipped learning).

For our e-leaning courses, we use 2 online learning portals:

  1. Moodle Learner Portal

  2. Google Classroom

Training Academy Tutors are all sourced from specialist areas of expertise fitting the course subject that they are teaching. Our lead Tutor has been teaching in the life-long education sector for 20+ years & manages the teaching standards quality framework for all Tutors to demonstrate ongoing, including equality & diversity, course delivery, classroom management & assessment & evaluation.

We require all Tutors to demonstrate their subject knowledge by way of a formal qualification in the subject area &/or a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field.

Course Programme

Our course programme for 2021 has been developed in consultation with our subject matter experts, existing learner stakeholders and trends across the advice sector. We strive, as far as possible, to complement, rather than duplicate the training already out there. Please contact us for a training course brochure.

We also invite training requests for bespoke training course and need approximately 6 weeks notice if the training activity requires CPD accreditation.

Our Specialist Tutor Pool

Course Content Writers Our Course content writers are carefully selected as 'subject matter experts'. Our lead content writers must have a recognised professional qualification specific to the specialist area and/or a minimum 10 years experience working in that particular field.

Lead Tutors

Our lead tutors must either possess a recognised teaching qualification or a minimum of 10 years proven experience teaching in the life-long learning sector. All CPD accredited activities require one of our lead tutors. Lead tutors are required to successfully complete our 'Life-long learning Trainer Refresher Programme' upon induction and every 3 years thereafter.

Subject Matter Expert Tutors

Our 'subject matter experts' are invited to join our tutor pool once they have successfully completed the Money Advice Hub Training Academy 'Life-long Learning Trainer Programme' and then must successfully complete our 'Life-long Learning Trainer Refresher Programme' every 3 years thereafter. Subject Matter Expert Tutors will only become Lead Tutors once they acquire a teaching qualification or have a proven, accumulative 10 years teaching experience in the life-long learning sector.

High standards and supervision

As part of our quality supervision, we continually assess, and are responsive to all delegate feedback and a qualified trainer/supervisor will perform spot check on training delivery.

Type of Training

We cater as far as possible to the flexible needs of our customers and offer the following types of training:

  • In-house tutor training at your location

  • Tutor training at one of our preferred venues

  • E -learning modules & programmes

  • Cascade training

  • Workshop training

  • Conference speaking on specialist areas

  • Internal learning content architecture for staff and volunteer intranets

Training Venues

When you make a booking, you can choose from:

  • Your own venue (as long as you have capacity and suitable, accessible facilities)

  • One of our preferred venues nearest to your location

The booking price is cheaper for our 'on site' training and it is also much more convenient for your learners to attend but if you are unable to accommodate this, we are very happy to provide a training venue.


“The training materials are of an excellent standard, clearly & simply written with great visuals.”

“The Tutor was so knowledgeable & passionate about the course, everybody attending engaged. Excellent.”