Debt Advice Glossary


Maximising income

Maximising income is a way of increasing the money you receive.

Means testing

Means testing is the method the Government uses to decide if you’re eligible for certain benefits.

Money judgment (Northern Ireland)

A money judgment is issued by the Northern Irish courts for non-payment of a debt.

Money purchase agreement

A money purchase agreement is a form of pension where your final pension depends on stock market performance.

Monthly expenses

Monthly expenses are regular items you pay for each month. They include your household bills and payments to your debts.


A moratorium in debt advice is a holding period whereby debts are not enforced by a creditor. This is either for a specified amount of time or an indefinite period. It means that a creditor will not pursue a debt legally. A debt relief order has a 12 month moratorium, after which qualifying debts are written off.


A mortgage is a loan that you take out to buy a house. If you miss payments to a mortgage, your lender could try to repossess your property.