Correct a Credit Report Error


Although rare, mistakes and error on credit reports do happen. If your credit file is inaccurate, you can raise your concerns with the credit reference agency.

However, the problem may lie with the original lender or organisation that supplied the agencies with their information so you might need to contact them instead.

How to report a mistake

How to report a mistake

You can report any errors that you spot to the credit reference agency, they have 28 days to remove the information or tell you why they do not agree with you. During that time the ‘mistake’ will be marked as ‘disputed’ and lenders are not allowed to rely on it when assessing your credit rating.

It is also best to speak directly with the credit provider you believe is responsible for the incorrect entry. Credit reference agencies rely on information provided by lenders and often the lender is in the best position to sort the problem.

If there is information on your file that is accurate but it is not your current situation, you can add a ‘notice of correction’ to your credit report.

What if a correction is not made?

What if a correction is not made?

If you have contacted the credit reference agencies and the original lender and there is an obvious inaccuracy which they refuse to correct then you might want to report your concerns to the ICO. The ICO will not get involved in any financial disputes.

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