Accessing the Local Housing Register


This information covers the local area of King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council.

For details of how to access the housing register in a different location please visit your local authority or their website for their procedures. If you are unsure of your local authority visit website: where you can input your postcode and will be taken direct to your local authorities website detailing their housing register processes.

Who can apply?

You can apply to go on the housing register if:

  • You are age 18 or over; and

  • Your annual income and savings are less than a third of the average property prices within the area; and

  • You have a local connection

The council will class you as having a local connection if:

  • You have lived in the borough of King's Lynn and West Norfolk for at least three out of the last five years, or;

  • You have close family (brothers, sisters, parents, children) and they have been living in the borough of King's Lynn and West Norfolk for five years or more

When you won’t be accepted

You will not be accepted onto their register if:

  • You are subject to immigration control

  • You have been asked to leave a previous property due to unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour is deemed as being:

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • A breach in your tenancy conditions

  • Where you have substantial tenancy arrears

Applications from outside of the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk borough

If you don't live in the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk borough area, you will not be able to apply for housing unless:

  • You are currently a member or a previously serving member (within five years) of the armed forces

  • Where there are exceptional circumstances which require you to be in the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk borough area

How to apply

To make an application you will need:

  • Your national insurance number

  • Your email address

  • Details of your former addresses (past 6 years and including postcodes)

  • Supporting documents as proof of residence for everyone over 18

  • To have read their privacy policy

You can make an online application on the council's website and you will be able to upload your supporting documents at the end of their form, these include ID, income and proof of your last six years housing history as a minimum.

Next steps

Once you have provided all the supporting documents the council requires, your application will be processed. It can take four to six weeks to hear back from them. If you're accepted onto the council register, they will write to you and give you a reference number. You should ensure you keep hold of this, as you will need this to did on available properties.


They will put you in one of three bands; low, medium or high. The letter you receive from the council will also confirm which band you're in.


If there is more than one applicant for an advertised home, the council will select the one in the highest band who has the earliest 'relevant date'. The 'relevant date' is normally the date you first registered with them, or the date when your priority band last changed.


If you are added to the housing register, you will be able to bid for properties that match your requirements. You need a user registration ID to use the online bidding service.

Further Information

The council have a guidance booklet which is allocated on their website about the scheme, including how they allocate properties.