Debt Advice Passport


  • You can only use the Debt Advice Passport tool once you have returned a signed Money Advice Hub consent form & when your case reference & password have been issued after initial advice

  • Use your Debt Advice Passport as many times as you want to update creditors, e.g. this can be helpful when your debt changes to a collections company

  • Make sure that you don't mind sharing the data you are recording in the form, and only agree your explicit consent if you are sure you want your creditors to know any special circumstances about you

  • Consider your surroundings & privacy when completing the form, visit our web page 'Enable Private Browsing' for help with this

  • You must complete all fields marked with a red asterisk

  • You must have access to a smartphone, tablet or touch screen computer to use the Debt Advice Passport tool, we will ask you about this during your first appointment and will generate a Debt Advice Passport for you if you do not have access

  • Your Money Advice Hub case manager can help you if you get stuck

  • Your creditors may ask you for additional information upon receipt of your Debt Advice Passport

Finally, if you would like to use the Debt Advice Passport with your creditors but it will be difficult for you to generate it yourself, your Money Advice case manager can generate it on your behalf, please ask.

Saving & Printing

  1. Once completed & e-signed, click the 'pre-submission button' (bottom left black button, next to the 'clear form' black button), If anything is invalid/missing, a warning will show in red text. You will need to correct any issues before saving or printing to generate a valid Debt Advice Passport.

  2. Click the 'green print text button' (bottom left for form) to print or save the form. (You can skip the 'print' step and move to step 4 if you are happy to use an email version of the Debt Advice Passport, this will be a black and white plain version but will still have your signature in it).

  3. Next, when your 'print window' pops up, you can either print the document, or 'change the destination' to save the file as a PDF to your device. Saving the file will mean that you don't have to generate your passport again.

  4. Once you click 'submit', you will be automatically emailed a copy of your form, if you do not see this in your inbox, please check your spam/junk mail. You can then forward the email version electronically to any creditor's email address.

  5. After submission', a confirmation message will be displayed & your will be redirected back to a blank form.

6. We record a note on your case file when you use this tool so that we can verify any creditor confirmation requests, your data is not stored on the tool.

NB: We record similar data on our case management system when you first seek advice. The Debt Advice Passport is a temporary data input tool for your benefit.