Debt Advice Passport


Our debt advice passport (DAP) tool has been developed for clients engaging with Money Advice Hub's free debt advice service. Its main purpose is to update creditors of your current financial difficulties and to request an informal breathing space. The passport covers the following information:

  • your personal details and your Money Advice Hub case reference number

  • any special circumstances relating to your financial difficulties

  • the debt strategy you are looking to progress

What are the benefits of having a DAP?

We always recommend that you keep in contact with your creditors and that you request either lowered payments or a hold on your account. In most cases, creditors expect you to be seeking debt advice before they will agree to any special repayment terms. They will often ask you for your case reference number as a way of evidencing that you are getting debt advice. The Debt Advice Passport is an authenticated tool that you can use to do this with ease. Once generated, you can use it with all of your creditors. This is especially helpful when your debts change to a different debt collector.

How do I generate a DAP?

You can either ask your debt advice case manager to generate a Debt Advice Passport (DAP) for you or you can do this yourself using our online button. If you would like to generate a DAP yourself, you will need to request the password and your case reference number from your debt advice case manager to access the online application.

What do I need to complete the DAP?

You will need the Money Advice Hub password to access the online tool first of all. You will be asked to input the following data:

  • case reference number

  • name

  • date of birth

  • full address

  • any special circumstances

  • your consent to record information given in the form

  • a partner's details (if relevant)

  • your debt strategy (if known)

If you complete the form yourself, you will also need to sign it using a touch screen device.

What happens when I submit the form?

You will be given the option to preview the form first. When you submit the form, you will receive an email notification with your data input in the email body and a PDF copy attached of your passport. We recommend you save the PDF in a confidential computer folder so that you can attach it to emails or print it to send to creditors. Money Advice Hub also receives a copy of your submission.

What happens if a creditor won't accept the passport?

So far our clients have not experienced any problems with creditors accepting the passport, but this might happen in the future. If you experience any problems, please let us know, we would like to monitor this and talk to creditors about the problem to stop it happening again.

DAP Online Form Template

Debt Advice Passport Screenshot