Verification Documents


When you start the debt advice process, your debt advice case manager will ask you for a number of documents, we refer to these as verification documents. There are a number of reasons why we need to check your information, including assessing the best debt strategy for you, and to meet the requirements of our regulator. We also want to make sure that the advice we give is accurate to your situation and that we provide the best quality advice.

Please see the types of documents you might be asked to provide below, depending on which are appropriate to your situation. It is always helpful to have these organised and ready for your first appointment if at all possible.

ID & Consent

  • A signed consent form (you can download our consent form and our privacy notice), or you can sign our online eConsent

  • A list of any former addresses covering the last 6 years

  • Dates of birth for any dependent children you have (please indicate if they live with you or not)

  • Copy of photo ID (must be valid date) or an approved & certified alternative (see information below for acceptable forms of ID)

Verification Documents

A Form of Photo Identification

  • A current photo Driving Licence

  • A current Passport

Data Privacy & Sharing Consent

  • A signed consent form from each party to the debt advice enquiry


  • Recent 3 months consecutive bank statements (all accounts)

  • Copies of any buiding society or post office saving books

  • Details of other savings, premium bonds, trusts or shares

Debt Letters

  • Recent letters for all your consumer credit debts, preferably showing your outstanding balance and an account or reference number

  • Any legal notices or county court claims/judgments

  • Magistrate Court fine letters

  • Priority debt letters, such as council tax, rent and/or mortgage arrears, utility debts etc


  • 3 months consecutive wage slips

  • Welfare Benefit Letters

  • Child Support/Maintenance letter

  • Letter from a boarder or lodger income