Your Debt Advice Journey


Your Debt Advice Journey is a simple guide on what to expect when you start getting debt advice. It was developed by Money Advice Hub to help people in problem debt understand the advice process better and hopefully feel more reassured about seeking help

If your bills & debts are getting out of control, please contact us for free, impartial & confidential debt advice.

‘The worst thing when you have money troubles is to do nothing and to hope the problem will go away.’

You can either read about Your Debt Advice Journey on this web page or download and print the fact sheet.

Stage 1: Tell us about your situation

Stop 1: We need to know the background to your Debt & your personal information.

Stop 2: We’ll identify any emergencies & help you deal with them.

Stop 3: Helping you with a detailed budget, including ways of maximising income & budgeting advice.

Stop 4: We’ll identify your important payments & make sure they are kept up as a priority.

Stage 2: Detailed Financial Assessment

Stop 5: We’ll check how much money you agree that you owe & look at any assets you own. We’ll help you consider future changes to your budget.

Stop 6: We’ll help you work out what money, if any, you have left over after essential bills. This is called your disposable income.

Stage 3: Choose your Debt Option

Stop 7 : You choose the best eligible Debt Option that suits your situation best.

Stop 8: We'll identify which debt options you're eligible for & the pros & cons to consider.

Stop 9: We’re with you every step of the way, you’ve chosen a Debt Option, now let’s help you with it.

Stage 4: Take control of your debt

Stop 10: You’re on your way to be free from Debt & we’ll still be here to keep you on track.