Debt Advice Journey


An overview of what to expect when you start your debt advice journey. If your bills & debts are getting out of control, please contact us for free, impartial & confidential debt advice.

‘The worst thing when you have money troubles is to do nothing and to hope the problem will go away.’

Stage 1: Tell us about your situation

Stop 1: We need to know the background to your Debt & your personal information.

Stop 2: We’ll identify any emergencies & help you deal with them.

Stop 3: Helping you with a detailed budget, including ways of maximising income & budgeting advice.

Stop 4: We’ll identify your important payments & make sure they are kept up as a priority.

Stage 2: Detailed Financial Assessment

Stop 5: We’ll check how much money you agree that you owe & look at any assets you own. We’ll help you consider future changes to your budget.

Stop 6: We’ll help you work out what money, if any, you have left over after essential bills. This is called your disposable income.

Stage 3: Choose your Debt Option

Stop 7 : You choose the best eligible Debt Option that suits your situation best.

Stop 8: We'll identify which debt options you're eligible for & the pros & cons to consider.

Stop 9: We’re with you every step of the way, you’ve chosen a Debt Option, now let’s help you with it.

Stage 4: Take control of your debt

Stop 10: You’re on your way to be free from Debt & we’ll still be here to keep you on track.