A Quick Guide to Debt Advice


This quick guide has been developed to help you understand what to expect when you make an appointment for free debt advice. For a more detailed guide, please see our 'Your Debt Advice Journey' guide.

Take a look through the 5 stages below which explain the process your debt adviser will go through with you.

You can also print our handy infograph and our fact sheet.

Stage 1: Explain your financial situation

    • Start with your personal household details.

    • The types of debt, how & when they started?

    • Any emergency debts you have?

    • Let your creditors know you are getting help.

Stage 2: Draw up a detailed budget

    • Check your income less essential living costs.

    • Identify any priority debt you must pay.

    • Discuss budgeting & income maximisation tips.

    • Consider any essential assets you own.

Stage 3: Find out your debt options

    • Discuss any entitlement to charitable help.

    • Check your liability for debt.

    • Compare formal & informal debt solutions.

    • Confirm any eligibility criteria.

Stage 4: Choose a suitable debt solution

    • Consider any application fees involved.

    • Do you need to protect any essential assets?

    • How long will the debt solution last?

    • Pick an affordable, maintainable debt solution.

Pleas visit our Debt Options Overview Page.

Stage 5: Organise your future finances

    • Make sure you have a basic, safe bank account.

    • Set up any debt repayments you need to make.

    • Plan for future life events affecting your money.

    • Think about budgeting & savings longer term.