Work Experience


Money Advice Hub values the opportunity to work with students to help them develop their skills and to see what it is like to work within a local advice organisation.

Work experience is a crucial part of education, giving students real-life opportunities to practice what they have learned during their studies, before they achieve their qualification, making them work-ready.

At this time, we are only able to offer work placements to students that can attend our King's Lynn head office.

College of West Anglia Approved

After a successful site visit assessment and health and safety audit in 2018, Money Advice Hub was approved by the College of West Anglia to accept work placement students. We provide a safe and comfortable work environment at the King's Lynn Innovation Centre.

About our team

We are a very lucky organisation because we have a wonderful, friendly team. We encourage an inclusive environment with equality and diversity at the heart of our organisation. You will be made welcome from the word go and will have a work buddy to help you fit in quickly.

Our learning culture

We place great emphasis on learning at Money Advice Hub and run a CPD accredited training centre - Money Advice Hub Training Academy. This means that our work placements are not just put in a corner doing all the jobs we do not want to do!

We assess the parts of our organisation that fit the student's career goals and devise a learning programme. In most cases we are able to incorporate some form of accredited training that the student can add to their CV. Our CEO is an accredited Google Educator and is always keen to spread the word.

Roles available

As a not for profit organisation, you would be surprised at how many different roles we are able to accommodate, here is an idea:

  • Administration

  • Finance

  • Web development

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Press and Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Games Design

  • Social Media

  • Management

  • Compliance

  • Intellectual property

  • Governance

  • People Management

  • Social Policy

  • Fundraising

  • Public Legal Advice

  • Legal

  • Procurement

Get in touch

If you can make it to our King's Lynn head office and your college/school work placement co-ordinator approves your work experience with us, please get in touch with us:


T: 0333 305 7648

Write to:

Money Advice Hub

King's Lynn Innovation Centre

King's Lynn


PE30 5BY


"I cannot believe how much I have learned at Money Advice Hub, I've earned a certificate in a subject area that I do not even know I needed for my career!"

"I have enjoyed every minute at Money Advice Hub, everyone is so friendly, my nerves disappeared within 5 minutes of starting there and I am usually shy."

"This is a modern organisation to work for, the King's Lynn Innovation centre is a great place to work. There is so much going on here and everyone is included and that includes me."

"I've learned so much about people at Money Advice Hub, I had no idea that organisations like this existed but I'm really glad they do."