COVID Social Distancing Info


Money Advice Hub introduced the following risk assessment measures in order to continue a face to face service during the COVID pandemic for vulnerable persons with emergencies.

Please do not attend an appointment if you, or anyone in your household is experiencing any COVID related symptoms, and/or if you know you have had contact with anyone who has had COVID within the last 14 days.

Wear a face mask at all times during communal areas at your appointment, unless you are exempt from wearing one (please advise us of an exemption before you attend).

Use the 'check in' station at the entrance if you have the track and trace app.

Please do not bring more than one person with you to an appointment.

We appreciate that this is difficult for parents, but please do not bring any children with you to an appointment.

Bring a drink with you if you need one, our advisers are not permitted to make drinks for you and cannot provide cups or glasses.

Please respect the social distancing guidelines of keeping 2 meters distance between yourself and our adviser at all times.

Use the hand sanitiser at the front entrance before you enter.

You must wait for your adviser to escort you into the meeting, you can call or text your adviser when you arrive.

You must sign in and out due to fire health and safety regulations.

If you need the toilet, your adviser will inform you of where to go safely.

At the end of the interview, your adviser will escort you off of the premises.

At the end of the interview, your adviser will escort you off of the premises.

You can park for free in car park.

Please respect the all notices and COVID rules at all times.

Read and follow the government rules on staying alert.

Please let us know if you have any additional needs before the appointment.

Our case managers conduct their own health and safety risk assessment before commencing an appointment with you. If for any reason they are dissatisfied with the conditions they are advising in, they have the authority to cancel the appointment with you, and make alternative advice arrangements.

Money Advice Hub values your health and safety and that of its staff, please do not attend your appointment if you have been exposed to COVID, or feel unwell with COVID symptoms.

Stay safe and let us know if you need to cancel or re-arrange.

Thank you.