IVA Transfer Service


We are the only FCA regulated not for profit organisation offering this unique and much needed 2nd tier IVA advice service. We find that the majority of our clients are not suitable for an IVA, but there are occasions when it is an appropriate option, and then a deeper level of technical advice is required.

We provide a trusted, independent layer of IVA technical expertise to clients and referral partner agencies before an Insolvency Practitioner needs to get involved. We believe that our specialist advice helps a client to better understand a complex IVA debt solution before committing to it.

Option to use our approved Insolvency Practitioner Service

For clients identified as benefiting from applying for an IVA debt solution, our clients can either do their own independent search for an IVA firm (using our guidance), or use one of our trusted partners.

Trusted Partner IVA Service

Under a quality assured contractual service level agreement, we get the IVA case prepared and ready for a client's draft IVA proposal. We obtain all the required verification documents and send them securely via our secure systems to the selected Insolvency Practitioner. We make sure that the Insolvency Practitioner will understand all the background to the proposal to minimise duplication and to maximise the best outcome – an approved IVA.

“AIPS offers busy advice agencies the opportunity to make simple choice-based referrals to an independent not for profit organisation promoting the same charitable aims & objectives as yours.”

Our Credentials

Money Advice Hub is a small organisation with a huge amount of specialist expertise and commitment to charitable objectives, we are a genuine, trustworthy IVA referral partner option.

Some of the many reasons to refer IVA advice to Money Advice Hub:

  • Expert IVA Technical Consultancy & Advice

  • We’re a not for profit organisation

  • Our CEO has worked in financial advice for over 30 years

  • Free to clients and agencies

  • FCA Regulated

  • Licensed Standard Financial Statement users

  • Advice Quality Standard

  • AdviceUK Member

  • Qualified professionals

Why is AIPS needed?

We understand how many mis-sold IVA cases money advisers see, we receive the complaints too and often give expert consultation on how to deal with them. There is also the potential for an IVA proposal to be turned down by an Insolvency Practitioner based on a commercial decision. By partnering with a group of Insolvency Practitioners, we remove stress and uncertainty to maximise the chances of progressing the IVA.

We review each partnership annually to the AQS external referral framework using satisfaction surveys and we randomly select IVA proposal documents to monitor the contractual terms being proposed.

How does AIPS work?

Once an IVA has been identified as a potentially appropriate debt solution, the client will need a 2nd tier layer of technical IVA advice to verify that an IVA proposal is viable. The advice sector used to have to refer the client direct to the Insolvency Practitioner meaning that a client no longer benefits from independent advice, and in some cases the Insolvency Practitioner is not FCA regulated. Due to the volume of IVA complaints, advisers have naturally become suspicious of IVA providers.

Our solution

Money Advice Hub offers a unique and unrivalled service, we have specialist insolvency knowledge to assess the IVA, we are FCA regulated and as a not for profit organisation ourselves, we have the same charitable objectives and motives as charities and public sector organisations. We will never shoe horn a client into an IVA and on most occasions their confirmed IVA proposal is reduced from the initial referral we receive, this is because we 'stress test' the solution covering the expected IVA period.

We advise your client independently and if an IVA is not the appropriate solution, we will advise on other suitable options, currently we have 4 approved debt relief order intermediaries in our Money Advice Hub Team, we won''t hand your client back to you unless you want us to.

If we think the IVA proposal is may not accepted by creditors, we will discuss with our IP's first, if the IVA is the right solution for the client, we will do our best to get an IP to take the case, sometimes we do have to vie between them for clients.

When a client proceeds an IVA, they will always be given a choice of using AIPS or choosing their own IP. If they choose AIPS, we are able to initiate the first stages of the IVA process, gathering the full fact find, income and expenditure and verification documents. We support our clients during this process with free online tech tools to help them gather everything they need. In some cases, we will analyse and interpret business accounts and calculate a self-employed cash flow forecast.

Our customer feedback is excellent for this service and we have been able to get the most difficult IVA proposals through for clients, including 3 year terms for pension age clients and lump sum IVAs from limited 3rd party sources.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to process the IVA referral does rely very much on the following factors:

  • How quickly signed documents are returned to us

  • How quickly verification documents are returned to us and whether the documents cover the correct period, and or whether any chronological sheets are missing

  • If we cannot verify the client's financial circumstances from the verification documents they provide

  • If a client has made a benefit claim, we may need to wait for the outcome before confirming a debt advice strategy

  • If a 2nd opinion is required and we are waiting for the outcome

  • If we are waiting for the client to change their main bank account to a basic and safe one

  • If we are waiting for a confirmation letter from a 3rd party giving a lump sum

  • If the client does not engage for long periods

  • For self-employed clients - if we need accounts are not filed to date and/or if the client does not produce managed accounts

We will never compromise the regulated debt advice process to progress an IVA hastily and although we try to encourage the client to progress things their end, we never place pressure because an IVA is a formal contract that needs careful consideration.

If there any delays encountered during the process, we support our clients with any interim debt advice issues and emergencies. We are able to represent clients in court under right of audience when our resources permit.

Our trusted Insolvency Practitioners

We partner with a carefully selected trusted group of Insolvency Practitioners to offer a recommended choice of IVA provider to clients,. We also offer clients the option to source their own Insolvency Practitioner if they prefer.

We make sure that clients will not be charged any up-front client fees or any fees if an IVA proposal is rejected at a creditors meeting.

AIPS only accepts Insolvency Practitioners that are transparent and open about their business services, they must remain committed to aligning with our organisational values. Our trusted partners must continuously demonstrate the highest standards of client care, including the supervision and closing of an IVA.

We manage the partnership arrangement and any issues brought to our attention every step of the way for our clients.

No up front client fees

All Insolvency Practitioners are commercial companies and therefore charge professional fees for an IVA but most reputable ones offset the cost of their fees from the amount the client will pay back over the term of the IVA. This means that the client does not have to pay any up front fees for the IVA. Clients using AIPS will never have to pay any additional charges to what they would be charged if they had gone direct to the Insolvency Practitioner.

Our clients are always encouraged to carefully review their draft IVA proposal before signing it and to raise any clarifications they have either with the Insolvency Practitioner direct or with Money Advice Hub.

Initiatives for advice agency referral partners

Bespoke referrals

  • Local rate helpline with 24 hour message service

  • Direct mobile

  • Online portal and

  • Direct emails for case managers

Partner feedback

  • Referral updates

  • Outcomes data - bespoke to your needs

  • IVA case studies

  • Partner references for your grant applications

Adviser benefits

  • Debtipedia ® free adviser resources

  • Free Training

  • Consultancy on potential IVAs

  • Dedicated liaison


We always strive to provide an excellent customer service and we expect the same form our trusted partners, if for any reason your agency or your client feels that they have not had a good experience, we operate a transparent complaint process, as follows:

Complaints about Money Advice Hub

Any issues with our AIPS service can be directed to any of the contact methods at Money Advice Hub.

If preferred, complaints can be addressed directly to:

Clare Duncan, Treating Customers Fairly Director

Money Advice Hub

King's Lynn Innovation Centre

King's Lynn


PE30 5BY

T: 0333 305 7648

E: clare.duncan@moneyadvicehub.org.uk

Complaints about one of our Insolvency Practitioners

If a client is not happy with one of our Insolvency Practitioners, they should in the first instance complain directly to the Insolvency Practitioner but it would be helpful for us to be informed about any issues in case we need to review our partnership arrangements. However, we are also happy to mediate between parties in the event that the client raises the complaint direct with us first.

Complaints about a partner referral agency

In the event that we become aware of a client complaint against one of our referral agency partners, we will advise the client on their right to make a complaint and that they must raise any official complaint directly with the referral agency.

Escalated complaints

Money Advice Hub will advise clients that wish to raise an official complaint of their right to escalate an unresolved complaint to the Financial Ombudsman and the time limits.

Where an official complaint is raised with one of our Insolvency Practitioners, we will advise the client that they have the right to escalate a complaint to the Government Insolvency Practitioner online complaints process.