CWA Games Design Financial Capability Competition


Money Advice Hub launched a Financial Capability Games Design competition at the beginning of 2019 in partnership with the College of West Anglia Games Design Department.

Students studying the Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Games Development will be developing the games as part of their coursework. 3 teams are competing to develop the best Virtual Reality game, it will be the first one of its kind!

Background to the competition

Money Advice Hub is already an approved work experience delivery partner offering work placements to College of West Anglia Students. Through this partnership and an introduction from the CWA Work Placement and Career Co-ordinator, Lesley Anderson to the Games Design Department Director, Chris Stanhope, we offered to sponsor a Financial Capability themed Games Design competition.

The Financial Capability brief

The Games Design Entries

The competition started early this year with the student teams each presenting the following proposals:

  • A Loan Shark themed game
  • A Credit Score themed game
  • A student budgeting themed game

We do not want to give too much detail away on each project but the concept designs are amazing and we are really excited to see the final products for judging.

Judging Panel

The judging panel includes:

  1. Principal David Pomfrett, College of West Anglia
  2. Chris Stanhope, Games Design Department Director, College of West Anglia
  3. Ash Bridges, Lead Developer at Jagex
  4. Richard Curtis Debt Specialist Manager, Cambridge Citizens Advice
  5. Sam Nurse, Chair at Money Advice Hub.

About the competition

This is a closed, private competition in partnership with the College of West Anglia Games Design Department Competition and Money Advice Hub only. There is no entry fee. A unanimous or majority decision of the judging panel will be final and binding. Final judging date to be announced.


There are several prizes up for grabs:

For the winning team:

1. A private tour of the Jagex games design head quarters in Cambridge. Jagex develop the hugely successful Runescape, which is recognised in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest and most-updated free Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MORPG).

2. Individual prize money ยฃ50 for each winning team member

3. Winner's certificate

For the runners up:

  1. Individual prize money ยฃ20 for each runner up
  2. Runner's up certificate

Special Individual Prize (to be announced)

An individual winner across the teams, on a topic to be decided by the judging panel. Cash prize ยฃ50.


Money Advice Hub is the lead sponsor with Jagex sponsoring the private tour. We anticipate that the competition will attract further sponsors in due course. Any additional sponsors will be added here.

As part of its community interest objectives, Money Advice Hub has donated ยฃ250 towards the purchase of an Oculus Developer kit, on addition to sponsoring some of the prize money.

Interested in sponsoring the competition? We'd love to hear from you!


Call: 0333 305 7648.

Press and Publicity

The competition will be publicised in local and national press once the winning team is announced (est. July 2019). It is anticipated that the runner's up will be acknowledged in media stories in addition to the winning team.

Press and publicity will be managed between:

  • Money Advice Hub
  • The College of West Anglia

Members of the press should in the first instance contact Money Advice Hub:


Call: 0333 305 7648.

Game availability

Each finished game will be made publicly available via a free online platform. Further details will be added here in June 2019.

Competition logos

Further information